The Cost of Responsibility for a Cat

Owning a cat is not all cuddles and play. There are certain important things that you have to take into consideration. You need to be financially aware of what it’s like to have a cat. It’s quite similar to raising a child, the only difference is that cats don’t go to school and they usually […]

16 Good Foods That Your Cats Will Love

Polydactyl Cat Fun Facts

Cats can get really finicky when it comes to food. Sometimes you spend so much time staring at cat foods at the grocery store, thinking which one could be the best for your lovely cat. Of course, the vet’s personal recommendation should also be taken into serious consideration. There are also times when you learn […]

16 Signs Your Cat Could Be Sick

16 Signs Your Cat Could Be Sick

Let’s face it: cats are not just pets to us but we also consider them as our children. And as cat parents, we can’t help but worry about our precious little feline’s health. Surely, humans and cats are quite different creatures but we share the same ideal – getting sick is absolutely no fun at […]

Your Cats Care About You More Than Food

It seems too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well, you’ve got to believe it because scientists conducted a study to prove that your feline companion does prefer you over their meals. That’s it. You’re not just some slave you think your cat thinks of you. You are actually someone important to your cat, and […]

How To Properly Groom Short-Haired Cats

Grooming short-haired cats may not be much of a tedious task to include in our regular pet care routine. But surely, you always get to think of scratches from hell when we take our cats in a bath session for example. But as we look after our cats’ welfare, grooming can mean so much to […]

15 Cat Tips: How To Help Your Cat Take A Long Ride

We always love to take our cats with us on all our adventures like a nice walk in the park, a little hunting in the woods, or even on a road trip. An exciting idea it is, but we also must never ignore the possible things to happen even in one brief ride. Road trips […]

Cat Breeds 101: Maine Coon

Here’s more to legends and myths, a Maine Coon cat is a sure living, beautiful fluff ball everyone is dying to have. Origin: The existence of Maine Coons has somewhat defied legends for their angelic beauty – and incredible size for a cat. Maine Coon cats are noted to be one of the largest domestic […]

How to Get Over a Passing Adult Cat?

Losing your adult cat is probably the most devastating moment you’ll ever experience as a cat owner – and the hardest thing to move on from. It’s like losing a piece of you, making a permanent hole in your once whole heart. You feel the house empty, the tiny voices dissolved, and each day – […]

How To Get Finicky Cats To Eat?

Cats can have all sorts of odd behavior sticking around them. They can be stern and quiet this day, but playful and cuddly the next day. With their notable behavior, cats can also be a lot stubborn. And for cat owners out there, your cat acting picky over her food is never a new scenario. […]

Cat Stage Diets and How It Improve Their Health

Our dear kitties, like us, would also go through different cat stage diets so taking a close watch on proper feeding as they age is really, really important when it comes to cat care. We all want our cats to be healthy even from the very beginning of their lives as kittens until they grow into […]