Mission Cats In-Home Care

We offer the ideal solution to your travel concerns by providing high quality and qualified In-Home Care – Cat Sitting for both healthy and recovering cats while you are away.


Mission Cats In-Home Care is a distinguished team of individuals with an unparalleled commitment to providing exceptional care exclusively for cats in the Bay Area. For over two decades, we have been catering to the unique needs of feline companions in Oakland, San Francisco, Walnut Creek, and Palo Alto.

Our story began in 2009, when we opened one of the first cat-only hotels and house-sitting services in San Francisco’s Mission neighborhood. Over the past decade, we have proudly served over 8,000 cats and have earned a reputation for excellence in cat care.

While we have closed our boarding facility in the Mission, our dedication to delivering superior In-Home Cat Care remains unwavering. We understand the stress and anxiety pet owners experience when leaving their furry friends behind while traveling. That’s why we provide a worry-free experience that allows you to enjoy the freedom to travel, even on short notice, with peace of mind that your cat is happy and safe at home under the dependable and reliable care of our team.

Join our community of satisfied cat owners who trust us to provide personalized and compassionate care for their feline friends. With Mission Cats In-Home Care, you can rest assured that your cat will receive the highest quality of care in the comfort of their own home.

About Mission Cats
Keep in touch with physical and mental health


Our distinguished company is dedicated to delivering exceptional In-Home Cat Care services of the utmost quality to discerning pet owners in Oakland, CA and surrounding areas such as San Francisco, Walnut Creek, and Palo Alto. As a small enterprise, we pride ourselves on providing personalized care and attention to each feline entrusted to our care.

Our team is comprised of experienced, dedicated, and compassionate staff who possess an unwavering commitment to providing superior care for every cat under our supervision. We have developed long-standing relationships with our feline clients and their human families, a testament to our unwavering dedication to providing exceptional services.

At our company, we believe that every cat deserves the best care possible, and we make it our mission to deliver just that. Allow us to provide your beloved feline with the attention, care, and love they need in the comfort of their own home.


If you hold your pets in the same regard as your own kin, then you have found the right destination. At Mission Cats, we firmly believe that your feline companion(s) are not just mere pets but an integral part of your family. Consequently, they merit only the most exceptional treatment and care.

Our commitment is to treat each of our clients’ pets with the same devotion and tenderness that we extend to our own. We take it upon ourselves to shower them with love and care, ensuring their well-being is our top priority.



Our company distinguishes itself from other pet sitters through our unparalleled expertise in In-Home Care. Our team possesses a wealth of experience in handling a wide range of feline behaviors on a daily basis, allowing us to gain an intimate understanding of their distinctive personalities. Moreover, we possess the acumen to detect the early warning signs of various health problems that often go unnoticed by friends, neighbors, and even boarding facilities preoccupied with their hectic schedules. Our meticulous attention to detail and comprehensive approach ensures that your beloved pet receives the utmost care, giving you peace of mind while you’re away.

Our Payment Terms

We require a 25% deposit to hold a reservation.  If cancelled with 7 days or more notice prior to your appointment, you will be refunded the deposit.  Less than 7 days, all payments are non-refundable.  

Holiday Periods

Memorial Day, July 4th, August 26-September 4, November 18-26 and December 20 – January 5.


We have a 5-visit minimum during our peak November 18-26 holiday period, and a 7-visit minimum during December 20-January 5.


Boarding a cat can be stressful for them because they are being placed in an unfamiliar environment without their usual comforts and routines. Cats are creatures of habit and can become anxious when their surroundings change, which can lead to behavioral issues like hiding, aggression, or refusing to eat.

Additionally, boarding facilities may not be able to provide the same level of attention and care that a cat receives at home. Cats are generally solitary animals that prefer a quiet and peaceful environment. In a boarding facility, they may be exposed to noise, other animals, and unfamiliar people, which can cause them to feel overwhelmed and anxious.

Furthermore, cats are more susceptible to diseases and illnesses in boarding facilities due to exposure to other animals. Even if the facility has strict protocols in place, there is still a risk of transmission of diseases.

Overall, boarding a cat should be avoided if possible. Instead, arranging for a pet sitter or having a trusted friend or family member look after them in their home environment can help minimize stress and ensure that the cat receives the attention and care they need.

Cats thrive in familiar environments where they can maintain their daily routines. Unlike dogs and humans, cats do not typically enjoy new experiences. This is because cats are highly sensitive to changes in their environment, and sudden or unfamiliar stimuli can cause stress and anxiety in these animals.

To ensure the well-being of cats, it is essential to provide them with a stable and secure living space where they can feel safe and comfortable. This is especially important for indoor cats, as they rely entirely on their owners to meet their physical and emotional needs.

Owners can create a safe and stimulating indoor environment for their cats by providing them with toys, scratching posts, and other objects that encourage exploration and play. Regular playtime and interaction with their owners can also help to alleviate stress and promote a sense of security in these animals.

In summary, cats thrive in familiar environments where they can maintain their daily routines, and owners should take care to provide a secure and enriching living space for their feline companions.

Mission Cats In-Home care is an excellent solution for pet owners who want to ensure the well-being of their feline companions. There are several reasons why in-home care is the best option for cats:

  1. Familiar environment: Cats are creatures of habit and thrive in familiar environments. By keeping them in their home, they are less likely to experience stress or anxiety associated with a new environment or separation from their owners.

  2. Personalized care: In-home care allows for personalized care tailored to the specific needs of the cat. Each cat has unique requirements and preferences, and in-home care can provide individualized attention, including feeding schedules, litter box maintenance, and playtime.

  3. Health and safety: Cats that stay at home are less likely to be exposed to diseases or infections that they may encounter in a boarding facility or veterinary clinic. Additionally, in-home care ensures that cats are safe and secure in their own environment, reducing the risk of injury or escape.

  4. Regular monitoring: In-home care provides pet owners with regular updates on their cat’s well-being, including feeding habits, litter box usage, and any signs of illness or discomfort. This allows for early detection and treatment of any health issues that may arise.

Overall, Mission Cats In-Home Care offers a stress-free, safe, and comfortable environment for cats. This personalized care provides peace of mind for pet owners, knowing that their feline companions are receiving the attention and care they need in the comfort of their own home.

At our organization, we take great pride in our ability to work with cats that have complex personalities. Specifically, we welcome the opportunity to assist cats that may be shy or apprehensive around new individuals. If you happen to have a furry friend that fits this description, we kindly request that you notify us ahead of time so that we may approach your cat in the most suitable manner.

To minimize any discomfort or unease, we refrain from ringing the buzzer upon arrival and instead opt to call. Moreover, we make every effort to be mindful of your cat’s boundaries, especially in the case of apprehensive felines. Although we do require visual confirmation that your cat is well, we will respect their hiding preferences and encourage you to inform us of their favorite spots.

We understand the importance of respecting your cat’s needs and, therefore, do not linger in their space for more than necessary. We prioritize their comfort and provide them with their space as soon as possible.

By exposing your shy cat to safe and caring humans, you may help them feel more at ease in the future. This can be crucial if they require medication or care from someone other than yourself. There is no time like the present to help your cat become more comfortable around new people, and it will undoubtedly enhance their quality of life, as well as your own.

We take great pleasure in keeping our clients updated on their furry friends’ progress with our photo updates, which we can send to you via text or email for a nominal fee of $2 per cat, per visit. For our clients who prefer more frequent updates, we are happy to oblige, as we find joy in sharing your pets’ progress and pictures.

We understand that technology can sometimes fail, or we may not send an update as promptly as usual, but please rest assured that we will never miss a visit with your kitties. In the unlikely event of a missed update, we will ensure that another update follows soon.

We value your privacy and understand that you may prefer to receive fewer or no updates during your time away. As a Mission Cats client, you have the flexibility to update your preferences on update format and frequency in your client profile. Our goal is to make your time away as comfortable, stress-free, and worry-free as possible for all parties involved.

Please inform us once you have returned home, should it be earlier than planned. We are always willing to continue our visits with your kitties should you experience a delay, provided that we receive sufficient advance notice.