As a company, we are committed to providing force-free and fear-free solutions for cats and their owners. Our primary objective is to prevent and alleviate any fear, anxiety, or stress felines may experience using positive reinforcement techniques.

We take pride in our ability to cater to cats with special needs, including those with separation anxiety, epilepsy, diabetes, renal failure, cancer, FIV, and other medical conditions. Our expertise and experience enable us to provide tailored solutions that are both effective and compassionate, ensuring the well-being of both cats and their owners.

Ashley Reed and her cat Corduroy

We understand the importance of ensuring your furry friend’s health and well-being. We offer a comprehensive range of medication administration options, including pills, eye drops, ointments, injections, and IVs, to address your pet’s medical needs.

Our experienced team is highly skilled in caring for senior pets, cats after surgery, and visually impaired felines. Additionally, we have successfully managed cats with specialized diets, including home-cooked meals. As we continuously work with various cat breeds and situations, we prioritize ongoing education and remain up-to-date by attending at least two industry conferences each year.

We take our commitment to pet care seriously, and we are proud members of Pet Sitters International (PSI), certified in Pet First Aid by the American Red Cross, and hold the Certified Professional Pet Sitter (CPPS) credential through PSI. Trust us to provide your beloved companion with the best possible care.

Benefits to In-Home care:

Peace of Mind. Your home and your cat(s) are being looked after and well cared for.

Pets remain in their familiar, secure environment.

They are less likely to be exposed to illness.

Personal and loving attention.

Not having to impose on friends or family, who may forget or cancel last minute.

Your pet will already be waiting for you when you get home, not another stop to pick them up.


We offer an extensive range of services meticulously curated to cater to the unique requirements of both you and your feline companions. Our menu of offerings has been thoughtfully designed to provide an all-encompassing selection of options, ensuring the utmost care and well-being of your beloved cats and addressing your individual needs.

Mission Cats provides busy professionals with practical solutions, ensuring their pets are happy and comfortable while away. Our experts offer exceptional care, giving you peace of mind and the ability to focus on work commitments—partner with Mission Cats for unparalleled pet care.

At Mission Cats, our unwavering dedication ensures the optimal health, safety, and happiness of your beloved feline companion(s). We pledge to establish an enduring, personalized connection with you and your cat(s) to guarantee their well-being for years.

Our company's paramount objective is to alleviate the anxiety and hassle associated with the task at hand. We achieve this by delivering premium service that is consistently dependable, user-friendly, and devoid of stress.

“When you can’t be there, We’re There”

The best place for your cat when you’re away is at home.
They’re safe, comfortable and waiting for you when you get home.

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We require a 25% deposit to hold a reservation.

If cancelled with 7 days or more notice prior to your appointment, you will be refunded the deposit. Less than 7 days, all payments are non-refundable.

Holiday Periods

Memorial Day, July 4th, August 26-September 4, November 18-26 and December 20 – January 5.


We have a 5-visit minimum during our peak November 18-26 holiday period; and a 7-visit minimum during December 20-January 5.