Your Cats Care About You More Than Food

cat loves more than food

It seems too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well, you’ve got to believe it because scientists conducted a study to prove that your feline companion does prefer you over their meals. That’s it. You’re not just some slave you think your cat thinks of you.

You are actually someone important to your cat, and that only proves that cats’ and humans’ bonds go way beyond the owner-and-pet relationship. Besides, if someone cares about you more than food, then that someone must really really love you like crazy, like really.

As cat owners, there are times when we have to hire in-home cat sitters to look after our feline babes because of work or travel, or random emergency events that we have to attend. This may be an addition to our list of things to worry but when we leave our cats to experts in cat sitting, then surely, there is no need to be anxious. As long as we give them all the details about our cat, then we’re good to go and they’re good to be taken care of.

Of course, we only want to put our cats in the hands of those who know how to love them as much as we do. Otherwise, what do cats think about their owners if we just left them on their own in the house without someone to take care of them, right? And since cats think of us, their owners highly – higher than food, apparently – we should also make them feel that the affection is mutual.

In addition to in-home cat sitting, there are also cat services that do not involve leaving our cats in our house with a stranger, just like this cat care service in San Francisco. It would be lovely for our feline friends to be exposed to a new environment. Think of them as yourself; wouldn’t you get bored if you stay at the same place all day every day? If your answer is yes, then give your cats some pampering. And if you are asking yourself, “Is there a cat hotel near me?” then the answer is yes, especially if you live in the San Francisco area. Anyway, whatever works for you, be sure to give your cats the time of their life by treating them to a cat hotel.

On another note, a lot of people think that cats don’t care about humans, let alone their owners. But that is a very wrong stereotype about cats. Cats like humans. That’s a fact that not everybody knows. Besides, why do cats get attached to one person if that isn’t true? Cats show their affections in so many ways and sometimes we may not interpret it as them showing their love for us. But if we only pay attention and care for them without asking too much in return, then we can really tell, from their smallest purr to their strongest scratch, that they consider us as their home.

A new study finds that cats care about people more than food

The thing for us cat owners is that, do cats know we love them? We show our affection by feeding them, grooming them, making sure they’re healthy, and spending time with them through playtime. Certainly, cats do feel our love for them, in one way or another. On the other hand, there are still times when you find yourself wondering how to know if your cat loves you. Well, a simple gesture such as head butting or powerful purrs, or love bites all translates to your cat showing you affection. From napping to disturbing you while working, these are little signs that show cats prefer human interaction more than anything else.

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