Why Cats Eat Grass?

You may be feeling quite strange as you spotted your cat trailing down the line of greens outside your house and then start plucking and chewing some blades of grass into her mouth. Enjoying more than the cat food she had earlier, she’d probably done this on more than just one occasion. So why do you think your cats eat grass and other weeds just sprouting up everywhere in your backyard? Well, it is not part of their nutritional diet nor any kind of their food interest – it’s some sort of important “cleansing”.

cats on grass
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A Cat’s Natural Fiber

Cats eat and swallow down the grass to ingest it and throw it up later. Ironic as it may seem, if you see your cat munching one of these long, green blades, then expect a round ball of fur and grassy flux around the house afterward. But there’s nothing to worry about. Your cat nibbles them to get rid of unwanted things that got in its stomach like bones or hair from the prey it maybe had just eaten a while ago.

If you see your cat throwing up right after she ingested some of them, then that’s it – and don’t get it wrong. She lets out with it some of the indigestible matter that her system cannot handle that might affect her digestive and intestinal tract. Cats don’t have many enzymes to digest or break down vegetable matter. And throwing up including some of the grass blades and tangles of fur just makes your cat feel better, so much better.

Nature’s Milk Supply

More than just a natural “fiber”, grass contains juice which could be more like a mother’s milk to a cat’s perception, perhaps. Just see how nature’s got some kind of milk supply that’s really good for your kitty. Well just to mention, it also contains folic acid that is super beneficial to a cat’s health and I’ll tell you, it contributes much to their whole being – which means more chances of extending the average life for a cat.

Folic acid is known to improve body function as well as the production of hemoglobin. This is important since hemoglobin helps oxygen move through the blood.

Why Eating Grass Isn’t a Bad Thing

cats eat grass
Source: Pixabay.com

Cats are also predators that eat their prey as is which may include both the edible and inedible parts like bones, feathers, fur, etc. As a result, cats may be having problems sooner when these inedible matters go down their system, and they need to break it down to easily pass it out to the other end. So they rely on nature to help them solve the case. And isn’t this favorable to your side? Since you no longer have to bring your cat to the vet, just let her make a short visit to your backyard and let her do the remedy herself.

Therefore, cats that eat grass are not a shocking thing to be worried about for your kitty. It’s just the same thought to us humans when we look for fiber to clean our digestive lining and pull out excess fats and toxins, cats, on the other hand, may quite have a taste for them though, which can be found just outside our house.

In addition, caring for cats may not just involve feeding, bathing, and having regular visits to the vet, but it just as well starts in your backyard and your house. You can put a small pot of wheat grass indoors or start putting pots of oat grass outside. And as much as possible, don’t treat them with harmful chemicals and get rid of the toxic plant variety, so your backyard can be entirely safe for your cat. Make it a perfect herbal source your kitty can immediately run to whenever she calls for a natural treatment.


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