Top 10 Cat Breeds for Kids

It is empirical that one of the best ways to teach children some important life lessons is through owning a pet, well, in this case, a cat. Kids can learn how to be responsible by taking care of them; feeding them at the right time, playing with them, cleaning up after them, and grooming them like it’s their own babies. Sure enough, as time passes by, the kids will not only see their cats as pets but as part of their family as well. It will develop their respect and genuine affection towards animals.

top 10 cat breeds best for kıds

Here are the top 10 cat breeds for kids that will fit your family lifestyle.

10. Egyptian Mau

Most people think that only dogs have the tendency to be loyal to their owners and cats don’t just care about humans at all. That is definitely not true. The Egyptian Mau is considered one of the most loyal cat breeds in the world. Their naturally spotted coat might make them look wild but they are most certainly friendly and they actually love spending quality time with their favorite humans.

Egyptian Mau Cat

9. Oriental Short hair and Long Hair

This is one of the calm cat breeds that people love. They are pretty much similar to dogs in terms of behavior. Their physical appearance resembles that of a Siamese however, they are quieter and more reserved compared to the Thai breed. Their fur comes in short hair or long hair but the good news is that they don’t need grooming very often compared to other breeds.

Oriental Cat Breed
I/S : Vetstreet

8. Birman

This type of cat is very playful and active. Whenever you’re out and about or busy with some work that you can’t give them full attention, you definitely don’t need to worry because they are good at keeping themselves busy. You also won’t have to vex about having friends over because they are pretty much comfortable with having strangers around. These babies also don’t need to be groomed often.

birman breed

7. Sphynx

This breed of cat may not be the best-looking among the bunch but they definitely are unconditional lovers. Yes, that’s right, your very own cuddly hairless pal. These cats are quite sensitive but they present themselves well with strangers. Having Sphynx for a pet also teaches your kids a valuable lesson: love goes beyond physical appearance.

sphynx cat breed
I/S: Wiktionary

6. Abyssinian

This is definitely one of the best kid-friendly cat breeds. Not only are they lively and very attractive but they are also more active breeds of cats. Your kids will have the time of their life playing games with an Abyssinian, and most certainly, the cat will have the time of its life as well.

5. Burmese

This is one of those lap cat breeds that would immediately comfortably lie on your lap the moment you sit down. They are very gentle and love to be caressed on their ears and backs. These cats don’t have any trust issues as they would doze off completely under your care, making it hard for you to go to the loo because you wouldn’t want to disturb them.

burmese cat breed

4. Ragdoll

ragdoll cat breed
As the name suggests, this type of cat is also a kid-friendly cat breed. Their fur goes floppy which makes them very irresistible to hug. They are very affectionate and loving towards children. They are also very loyal and would love to follow you around wherever you go. However, since they are very domesticated, they are not particularly good at defending themselves thus extra caution and safety measures should be observed if they are to be taken outside.

3. Exotic Shorthair

This is, without a doubt, one of the best cat breeds for cuddling of all time. They are indeed very loyal and friendly which makes them easier to care for. They are often described as laid-back and chilled-out felines but they can also be active, especially for playtime. Since they have short hair, the kids wouldn’t have much trouble grooming them.

exotic shorthair cat breed
I/S: vetstreet

2. Maine Coon

Physical feature-wise, this type of cat is definitely a stunner. They are the largest of American long-haired cats, which makes them look more like a mini-lion than a house pet. But no worries, these cats are particularly the best cat breed for first-time owners. They don’t really need high maintenance, well, except when you want to trim their fur or just let it grow like the majestic creature that they are. This breed will give you the best experience of having a pet because of its gentle and playful nature.

maine coon cat breed

1. Persian

And here are the friendliest breed of cat, the Persian. From their looks alone, one would immediately think this type of cat is a high-maintenance one, and they truly are! But worry not because every penny spent on these babies is beyond worth it. These balls of sunshine have massive fur which makes them appear larger than they really are. Not only are they absolutely charming but they’re also exquisitely beautiful and they make for wonderful house pets. Your guests will be all over them and would definitely give you compliments on how majestic they look.

persian cat breed

So the thing here is how to pick the perfect cat breed for kids. One does not simply pick up a stray cat and assume that any breed is okay to bring home so long as it purrs and meows.

Which one do you like most for your kid? Feel free to comment below.

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