The Oldest Living Cat 2015

Last August 8th, 2015, we celebrated International Cat Day, a fantastic day to commemorate the importance of the world’s most popular pet. While others are aware of the events, only a few are knowledgeable about the oldest cat alive!

Previous Holder

The previous holder of the world’s oldest living cat is Tiffany Two. The short-haired, black, and orange cat, was born on March 13, 1988, in San Diego, California. Owner Sharon Voorhees bought her back from a local pet shop when she was still a month and a half old. To emphasize her age, Tiffany Two celebrate her 27th birthday last March which is equivalent to 125 human years.

Tiffany Two with her pet parent Sharon
Tiffany Two with her pet parent Sharon

Tiffany Two died in her sleep on May 22, 2015.

Oldest Living Cat

With the timely demise of the previous holder, this month Guinness World Records unveiled the new holder of the World’s Oldest Cat Alive. After months of scrutiny, Guinness Records confirmed Corduroy as the oldest living cat.

Ashley Reed and her cat Corduroy
Ashley Reed and her cat Corduroy

Corduroy was a previous holder of the record, but thanks to Tiffany Two, he was stripped of the title. Upon passing of Tiffany Two, he was reconsidered of the title. He had been with his owner when he was still a kitten and Ashley was seven. Only recently, he has then conferred the title of Oldest Living Cat! He is 26 this year.

Record Breaker Living Cat

The record for the world’s longest living cat is Crème Puff, born the year 1967 up until August 6, 2005, an amazing 38 years! Owned by Jack Perry of Austin Texas, who happens to own Granpa Rex Allen, the previous holder. Owner Jack must have done well in the cat care category.

Creme Puff worlds longest living cat
Creme Puff world’s longest-living cat
Images credit to owners
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