Moving New Home With Cats

Moving to a new home or relocation can be quite daunting for our cats since they’ve already got to build strong bonds in the environment they’re used to. Cats are very territorial which makes it hard both for you and your cats to move to a new place – where all things are unmarked by their smell.

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There are a lot of precautions to be observed during this big transition since moving can be a traumatic scenario for your pet. Cats are keen observers and as you are packing, they may start perceiving that something starts to change. But there are a lot of ways to mitigate distress during your relocation and to keep your dear kitty at ease and happy – even in an entirely new environment.

Let Your Kitty Absorb

Whenever you are moving to a new place, make sure you make your cat always feel at home – that is one most important things for your kitty. Make her absorb it for a while and let her take time for a few adjustments. It all starts with a smell. We all know cats are very particular with the smell of the environment they lived in and that is one of their territorial markers. Just before the removal van arrives, spray the moving boxes with Feliway, a synthetic feline facial pheromone spray that often gives comfort to cats. Also, keep her in a closed room together with the cat carrier, litter tray, food bowl, and water bowl for a couple of hours. Give her time to get used to the carrier itself, thinking it would be just a safe place to stay in during transport.

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Ventilate the removal van

The van you’ll be using should be well-ventilated so it won’t stress out your kitty as much as possible. It must be a perfect place to give her comfort during either a cold or a hot day. Never place the cat carrier in the boot of the car. Keep her close to you or within your reach. Give her open air, so even while traveling (Read: Dos and don ts when traveling with cats), she can feel relaxed and comfortable. And TAKE NOTE: Never leave your cat alone inside a hot car for long hours of break.

Never forget the food and water

During the long hours of travel, whether it’s a cold or a hot day, it is important to check your cat and give her food and water to avoid dehydration – though sometimes, she might not be interested. Never forget to give her treats as well.

Help your kitty settle in

Once you arrived, you have to make sure you take a close watch on your cat, since cats often hide in narrow corners once they grow quite anxious with a new place. It’s advisable to keep her indoors for a couple of weeks. The bedroom is the best spot to place her first. This makes her get used with the new property. Well, you may also let your cat explore around the house but don’t leave it unsupervised.

Check the new neighborhood

Having to deal with new animals can be quite stressful for your cat which is why you should take time to study the neighborhood, and look for some dogs or just another cat by the next block. A cliché saying cats hate dogs (Read: cats hate dogs fact or fantasy? ) is a common scenario and is no surprise between these two different species, well not in most cases though. But don’t expect your kitty to be friends right away with the new animals around – even with people. Considerably, that is a cat’s notable behavior, so it also has to be taken into account. If there’s any dog present around, you may have to keep your cat indoors to avoid unfortunate encounters.

Make it feel like home

Always make the new house you move into feeling like home. And there are a few effective techniques how to do it, like putting on the flower vase your cat mostly slept next to or the floor mat, or anything that’s marked with her smell – your bed most especially. Though she may be in a new environment, seeing and smelling some of the things way back home makes her feel she’s just in the right place and the comforts of it – and that is already proven.

No matter where you go, it is important to make your cat in sure safety, security, and comfort. Stay with her if you can, so she can cope with this dramatic transition. Seeing you with her makes her feel safe and calm. Take a close watch. Let her absorb. And make her feel it’s a wonderful place just like the old home.

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