List Of Strong Man Who Have Cats As Pets

Without a doubt, if you search ‘best pets for men’ on Google, dogs of different breeds would show up. Top ten searches – all would be about dogs. There’s nothing wrong with that, to be honest. It’s just that cats are equally good as pets for men.

Don’t believe me? Well, here’s the list of strong men who have cats as pets. Some of them are really powerful world leaders, and some are famous men from history who liked cats as pets.

List of Strong Man Who Have Cats as Pets

1. David Cameron

The former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom – one of the powerful world leaders – keeps his tabby cat named Larry in company with him as the Chief Mouser of the cabinet office – a role which is legitimate in the British government. Does Larry aid in bettering the country? He most certainly does; in his own little way such as being always on the prowl for rats and mice that puts the streets of London in peril.

2. Stephen Harper

The former Canadian Prime Minister Harper went to lengths via a Facebook poll to allow the public to name his tabby cat Stanley, and later on another addition to their pack, Gypsy. Harper has a close relationship with his cats being able to distinguish Stanley as the playful one whilst Gypsy is the camera-shy mouser.

3. Bill ClintonFormer

U.S. President Bill Clinton’s domestic short-haired cat named Socks was quite widely known to the public that he even has his own Wikipedia page. Looking rather like a cat with a mustache, Socks was an adopted stray cat that kept having trouble with Clinton’s dog, Buddy. He’s also known as the First Cat of the United States.

4. Edgar Allan Poe

Famous for his short story entitled ‘’The Black Cat’’ about a man gouging the eye of a poor black feline, Poe, in truth, adored animals. Poe and his wife Virginia had a tortoiseshell cat named Catterina, who would sit on his shoulder while he wrote.

5. Ernest Hemingway

The American writer was given his polydactyl cat – which he named Snowball – during one of his travels. He loved his cat so much that he created a small colony of felines in his Key West home. To this date, polydactyl cats are sometimes referred to as ‘Hemingway Cats.’

6. Charles Dickens

The famous English writer loved his cat Bob so much that when it died in 1862, he stuffed one of its paws and made it into a beautiful letter opener, which would be really weird if he did it in today’s generation. Anyway, taxidermy dead pets during the Victorian era were not at all weird, and so does men with cats.

7. Mark Twain

The great humorist adored cats during his time to the point when his prized black cat Bambino went missing, he went out of his way and posted advertisements in New York offering a $5 reward to whoever returned his beloved cat. Bambino was large, with thick black velvety fur, which is hard to find in ordinary light.

8. Freddie Mercury

If there’s one thing we ought to know about the legend frontman of the band Queen, it would be that he was rock’s greatest lover of cats. At some point in his life, he lived with as many as 10 felines in his walled mansion in Kensington. He also reflected on his cats in some of his works, such as The Days of our Lives video wherein he wore a waistcoat covered with his pets’ faces, as well as dedicating a solo album to his cat, Jerry.

9. David Bowie

The popular music icon certainly was a cat person. He even wrote a song about cats entitled ‘’Cat People’’ and a few of his other songs mentioned cats too. Bowie had an Abyssinian cat during the 80s.

10. Giorgio Armani

The world-renowned Italian fashion designer has two cats, Angel and Mairi. He is particularly drawn to Persian cats as they look fashionable enough to be accessories on their own.

Many reasons for men to have a cat, but there is nothing strange about it. Cat care develops the inept nature of an individual. Having a feline friend suggests that you have a caring nature and a desire for animal companionship.

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