How to Get Over a Passing Adult Cat?


Losing your adult cat is probably the most devastating moment you’ll ever experience as a cat owner – and the hardest thing to move on from. It’s like losing a piece of you, making a permanent hole in your once whole heart. You feel the house empty, the tiny voices dissolved, and each day – dull. Sometimes we could even question ourselves if we had given the right care to our cats, or had given them the wrong diet. But things like these are normal. And life has to go on. It must be really hard for the first few days. But how can we actually get through their passing?

Coping with a loss of a pet is the hardest to do, especially after you’ve spent a thousandfold of memories with them. But a lot of cat owners who had been to this tragic loss have discovered little things that fortunately helped them get over it slowly, start a new life, ease the pain, and be whole again. If you think this would be impossible, especially if your cats are your life, don’t take it as the end of the world for you but keep your heart and mind open for the beautiful things out there that are to be discovered yet.

Giving proper burial

Your pet is as precious as the life it had spent with you. Cat owners who had given a proper burial to their kitties that passed away had somehow helped them lessen the pain they carried inside. It was like giving your cat a sweet tribute, true gratitude paid back for all the things she did to you, for all the fun and love. And that her existence was never a waste, but a sweet treasure you’ll keep for the rest of your life.

Sharing the memories

Sharing your memories is never wrong and never will be limited. For the first few days, recalling all your cat’s moments might be heart-shattering. We know that. We feel that. But when you suddenly smiled at how incredible life was with your kitty, you felt lucky that you had those memories incomparable to others. Letting it all out and sharing it with a close friend actually makes you feel lighter.

Adopting or Rescuing Another Cat


Rescuing other unfortunate homeless animals is a perfect diversion. It is the best aid to heal your broken heart, knowing that the love left can still be passed on to other animals that deserve it. Your cat would always give you her blessing to get a new member of the family.

Devoting Time To Your New Felines

Even if you’ve got new pets in the house, your cat would always remain precious and would stay as one meaningful piece in your heart. We don’t actually replace our old cats, but we make them our inspiration to redirect our down spirits into a more sociable and positive mind that can let us pass the love to others and let our bonds with animals grow bigger and tighter.


We don’t have to expect our furry babies to live and be with us for so long. Yes, it is sad. It is hard to think about it that one day, they will no longer be there. But sometimes, it’s a thing we must be grateful for. The fun memories were irreplaceable: knocking over that teacup, getting jealous with your book, meowing at your door, sleeping on your notes, purring next to you on your bed, waking you up, and all those cuddle moments. Those little things added colors to the human experience for life without those is completely diminished and dull.

But as we still have much time to spend with our dear felines, let’s make them feel special in the things we do to help our cats live long and healthy. And if your cat aged now with long years, you can still go on with your sweet little ways to make life easier for her: Cuddle her. Give her appropriate senior cat food. Bathe her. Have her regular check-ups. Play with her. Love her. Never take any day for granted. Your cat sees it all, and even if she may pass away one day, she’ll bring all those sweet memories with her to heaven.

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