How To Get Finicky Cats To Eat?

Cats can have all sorts of odd behavior sticking around them. They can be stern and quiet this day, but playful and cuddly the next day. With their notable behavior, cats can also be a lot stubborn. And for cat owners out there, your cat acting picky over her food is never a new scenario.

finicky cats

Unlike dogs, cats have high regard for themselves, thinking they’re like great royalties in the house. And this can be pretty summed up when your cat starts to lift that tiny nose and whiskers and leave the food untouched.

Cats should be eating healthy, homemade food based on appropriate cat-stage diets to keep their health and body on a good track. But as your cat starts acting finicky over the food you served, you better come up with the best ways how to get even the finickiest one to eat the food in the bowl.

how get finicky cats to eat

Why has your cat acted finicky lately?

First, you must understand why your cat acts a little picky. A sudden loss of appetite can be of terrible concern. One possible reason for disinterest is a sort of a health problem, you may take some time checking on your cat’s body condition and why she suddenly ignored that all-time favorite snack today.

Another reason is that you may have fed your cat new, unfamiliar food. Cats, especially those that are fed with the same kind of food always may tend to get rid of everything unfamiliar to them. And this situation can be really challenging to those owners with hard-core dry food-addicted cats. (These are cats fed with dry cat food sprayed with a tempting aroma by pet food manufacturers.) And of course, why not consider this? Perhaps, the food you prepared seems to taste awful on the first sniff which turns off your cat’s interest.

Finicky cats can be quite daunting sometimes, especially when you hope to give them the best for their health. But there are ways to mitigate all headaches in this situation:

  • Make meals exciting for your cats

Cats can’t ignore everything that seems enticing to their smell. You may try adding some “toppings” to make meals more tempting that your cats simply couldn’t resist. Try adding cooked fish, or bits of tuna, and diced chicken (The more white meat included, the better for protein supply). Drizzling parmesan cheese is also one powerful trick!

It’s really challenging to feed hard-core dry food-addicted cats with a new food when they’re used to the same kind of food all their lives, 24/7. With much stronger instinct around them, don’t expect your cat to pay attention to the new, unfamiliar food you prepared. It is best suggested to take the transition slowly at a time. Let your cat grow familiar with the food served in her bowl. Increase the amount of new food in a gradual step patiently, this will also give enough time for your cat to adjust and learn to love whatever healthy food you prepared for her.

  • Make that little pang of hunger work

Get rid of free-feeding. Hungry cats are always the best eaters. This is where you put an end to that “never empty” bowl. Though you also can’t escape that idea that you’re letting her starve in the first place, don’t worry. Instead, take that chance to motivate your finicky cat to eat the food served.

  • Prepare cat meals with love

Above all, every meal prepared and poured with love always works best!

As cat owners, we’re too obsessed with doing the best for our beloved feline companions; putting up all ways to make them healthy and achieve that ideal lifespan of cats for our babies as well. And when your cat starts to be picky or pay poor attention to the food you prepared, don’t panic. Think of the best remedies to solve the situation. Sure these tips are healthful tricks to make every meal tempting even to the pickiest cat in the world.

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