Friendly Tips Before Engaging in Cat Boarding Services


Pet parents often wonder what to do with their pets when travel, vacation, or emergencies disrupt normal care. The majority of them utilize the services of a professional cat care facility that provides boarding, grooming, pet supply sales, etc. Every year, more than 30 million pet owners recognize that knowledgeable and experienced boarding kennel professionals are the most dependable and safe pet care providers.


Cats do much better in a feline-only environment. One important health and safety precaution is that they should not be put into a room with other unfamiliar cats. Look for a place that strives for a flea-free environment. Mission: Cats, cat care in East Bay CA is a FLEA-FREE zone and requires cats to be up to date on their vaccinations.

Cats also love to have a particular place to be their favorite napping spot. After all, they sleep two thirds of the day or even more!

Tips Before Boarding:

  • Update your cat’s vaccinations. A top-quality cat care boarding will require a copy showing current proof of vaccination. You must submit proof prior to checking in.
  • Bring enough food and medications (if any) for your cat’s stay. Pack a familiar toy or comfort object too.
  • Prepare a list of contacts (your veterinarian’s phone number, your contact info at your vacation destination). Add a local contact to serve as your “backup” in an emergency if you can’t be reached.
  • Give your kitty an affectionate good-bye

There’s always something new to learn about your pet! If it is your cat’s first time boarding, and you are anxious, make arrangements with the hotel staff so they can give you updates to see how your pets were doing.

Many cats feel comfortable in their own environments – and some of them don’t ever want to be outside their zone. Mission:Cats can do in-home cat care in all East Bay for pet parents who want their kitty’s comfort right in their own homes.

Professional pet sitters come by for feedings and playtimes. You can ask them to visit your home on a daily basis (or perhaps multiple times per day) to spend some quality time with your cat.

Whether you choose cat care boarding or in home cat care, two goals should be met. One is you come home to a happy, healthy kitty. And the other is you enjoy your time away from home content that your cat is receiving the best care possible.

For more information about the services we can give to our feline friends, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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