Cats And Their Healing Powers: How They Make Your Life Better

It’s true, cats don’t wear capes but they’re the heroes you need in times of trouble. But not real serious troubles, though. They give you the saving you need in totally different ways. They don’t help you out of a burning building, but they do keep the fire in your heart burning for their affection.

Cats don’t really go out of their way to save you from muggers, but they keep you from feeling lonely. And they may not fight off intergalactic aliens planning to rule the world, but they do fight off the bad days and stressful nights when they cuddle up with you.

cats healing power make your life better

See? Cats are superheroes in their own little cat ways. You may not know it but they actually heal you with these subtle expressions. Here are other ways cats show their healing powers that makes your life even better.

1. Cats make you happy.

There may be days where they get on your nerves by breaking and scratching everything, including your beloved sofas, but you have to admit the better days outweigh the bad ones. Cats bring you happiness on a daily basis. There are times where you may find yourself unconsciously smiling just by watching your cat do something really fun like getting caught in the blinders or landing face first on the couch. They give you that sense of being needed because they need you to take care of them. Such is a human quality that we can never discount from ourselves: we want to be needed. This desire can be realized through family members and pets. Being happy releases serotonin in your brain that helps you feel better from head to toe. They keep you company when no one else is there. What could be better than having a cat for a companion?

2. A cat’s purr lowers risk of a heart attack.

Your cats can create purr vibrations that range from 20-140 Hz, known to be medically therapeutic for you and your cat. Studies have been conducted to prove that having cats as pets represent a strategy for reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease even in high-risk cases. A cat’s purr have the ability to promote bone health and even heal them when necessary. It also has the strength to aid in healing muscle, ligament, and tendon damage and injuries. Ever since then, cats were thought of as natural healers with magical powers. They’re like superheroes that don’t damage the city, rather bring healing to it.

3. Cats relieve you from stress.

Studies have shown that petting a cat calms down your nerves, especially when you just had a really stressful day. They are like your own stress ball, but instead of squeezing, you just pat your hands over their fur gently and feel relaxed. This activity has been found to reduce blood pressure among cat owners. Even in the days of Atlantis, the healers were known to use crystals in their work. However, there are times when they were no longer allowed to use crystals. They started using cats as substitute as they have discovered that cats essentially performs the same function as the crystal. Now you know you’ve got a pet and a stress reliever all in one cute furry friend.

4. Cats can literally heal you.

There was a true story concerning a stray cat slipping in through a comatose 10-year-old girl’s hospital window. The cat was found curled comfortably on the bed next to the little girl’s hand, licking her thumb gently. For the first time in many years, the little girl’s fingers twitched and it was the first movement she made ever since the accident. The cat was then made to visit the little girl every day to snuggle with the little girl and lick her fingers. Eight days later, the girl miraculously awoke from her 7-month coma and was able to speak. A story such as this proves that cats can literally heal people and it’s probably the most amazing thing in the world.

5. Cats may have invented Reiki healing.

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. The process essentially occurs by “laying on hands” and is based on the principle that an unseen life force energy flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. Such healing process can be observed primarily when your cat sits in your lap and you lay your hands on them and caress them gently. This form of energy-healing can be primarily acquired through the practice of constantly petting your cat. So it’s really better to spend more time with your cats and be with them.

6. Cats can lengthen your life.

If you combine all these healing powers that cats provide, you might live longer than you expected. And that’s not something that we just came up with; it’s a fact backed up by research. It has been proven that senior citizens who have pet cats live longer than those who don’t. Cats have a special sense that recognizes when you are not feeling well and in turn, they’d prefer to be with you to comfort and support you. These cute fur babies keep you happier and healthier by extending to you their miraculous healing abilities. They might not even know that they’re doing it, so it’s best to show them love and affection for everything that they unconsciously do for you.

Now that you know these healing abilities that your cats possess, you might want to treat them to cat care in San Francisco and let them have the time of their lives. They’ve been healing you all this time and you were not aware of it. It’s time you give extra effort and appreciation to your little healing angels and give back to the love that they constantly shower you with.

Have you experienced any of these healing? If so, share it with us in the comments.


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