Cat Hacks: Make Owner’s life Easier

Cats may be thrice less than the actual size of a human baby, but they sure do require the same amount of attention. Of course you thought owning a cat is all roses and no thorns, but hey, that’s part of being a cat parent. You get to have your own fair share of disrupted work at home or destroyed sofas. But all these cons of owning a cat are, of course, nothing compared to the happiness that they give you. Besides, there are some hacks that could help you bring your cat parenting to the next level.

cat hacks make your life easier

1. Install a small portion of a bed grass on your floor.

Let’s face it – your cat doesn’t get to go outside and chill by the park as much as you want her to because you just don’t have the time or energy to do it. So, instead of taking her to the park to bask under the sun, why not take the “park” to her and let her lie down on her own bed of grass and relax. That way she’ll know what it’s like to feel the grass on her fur.

cat bed with grass

2. Make a DIY kitty exercise tower using a bookshelf.

A legit exercise tower for cats might be a little too expensive for your budget. Instead of spending wads of cash on something that you can probably make yourself, why not gather up unused furniture at home and turn it into one? Put your carpentry skills to the test and cut boxes on a bookshelf alternately and voila, your cat now has its own tower.

DIY kitty exercise tower using a bookshelf

3. Two hangers and T-shirt makes a great cat tent.

Scratch that “cat tent” item on your To-Buy list and hunt down a t-shirt you haven’t worn in a while. Gather up two hangers that you don’t need. The hangers serve as the spine of the tent. The T-shirt will serve as the covering. Tuck in the sleeves and tie them together. The neck hole of the shirt serves as the entrance and exit to the cat tent. Easy as pie.

cat tent
I/S: Pinterest

4. Cover up with tape any place you don’t want your cat on.

Cats can get really jumpy – especially on counter tables or on your office desk at home. One way to prevent them from going up that space is by patching it up with clear tape. That way, it’ll be too slippery for them to climb.

5. Create an indoor climbing obstacle for your cat.

Instead of putting a rug on your cat’s den, it will get neglected anyway, why not putting it up against the wall? This could be a great scratching and stretching post for your cat. He may have a great time trying to climb all the way through.

indoor climbing obstacle for your cat

6. Grow your own cat nip.

Give gardening a chance, if you haven’t really tried in the past. What do you know; maybe it’s something that you might enjoy aside from taking care of a cat? Instead of buying catnip, grow your own catnip. Put in extra efforts for your feline baby.

7. Wrap thin ropes around your table legs as scratching posts.

How many times have sighed in frustration and defeat after your cat has, yet again, destroyed one of your favorite furniture by scratching on it? Can’t count exactly, right? Well, there’s a great solution for that! All you need is a rope. That’s right, a rope! No, not to tie your cat to a chair, but to wrap it around the legs of your table or any of your furniture. That way you can keep your furniture safe and your cat happy.


8. A cloth and Velcro straps makes a great under the table cat hammock.

Let your cat feel the vibes of relaxing by the beach on a hammock by creating your own twist to it. You need to have a cloth for the hammock, Velcro straps to keep them together and of course, a table to assemble it altogether. It’s not rocket science, don’t worry. It’s simpler than buying an expensive one online.

9. Build a cat pod by the window so your cat can peer outside once in a while.

One of the favorite things cats do is just stare at things in awe, and also sleep. To give your cat the best seat to see the outside world, instead of taking him out to the outside world – which could be quite dangerous – why not build a perch for him by the window? This could help distract your cat while you go on with your daily chores.

10. Secure a board game box by your workplace to keep you company.

Maybe once or twice your entire cat-owner life, you have snapped a photo of your cat resting on your computer while you’re desperately trying to work or study. Let’s be honest, your cat just wants to keep you company while you’re at it, and you also feel the same way. In order to make this a win-win situation, place a board game box beside your desk so your cat can sit comfortably while you work in peace.

11. Keep cats away from your beloved potted plants by putting pinecones in them.

There’s a serious issue between cats and lying on precious plants. They sometimes end up messing the plants and soil, killing the plants in the process. In order to avoid this, just a pine or two can keep them away. They don’t like pines as much as rats don’t like mouse traps, even though it has cheese on them.

12. Build a DIY toy for your cat using a tissue box and toilet paper rolls.

Instead of throwing your tissue box and toilet paper rolls away, keep them and turn them into an inexpensive toy for your cat. They will surely love it. Just get one tissue box and paste at least nine toilet paper rolls on it. Your cat will enjoy poking the paper rolls and they would never notice that you built it yourself.

13. Cover your cat’s claw with Soft Paw vinyl coverings.

Declawing may not be the best solution for your cat whenever she draws blood. One of the greatest ways to solve this is by covering her paws with Soft Paw vinyl coverings. That way, she won’t be able to scratch your favorite furniture.

Fishbowl Kitty Pink Paw
I/S: catfobomatby

14. Make a cat food container out of a plastic pitcher.

Never spill your cat’s food on the floor again with an ingenious idea of creating a food container using a plastic pitcher. That’s right, all you need to do is pour that thing on your cat’s food bowl and you will never have to clean the spill because there won’t be any.

15. Use a rubber glove to remove your cat’s hair on upholstery.

Cat hairs are equally irritating as tangled strands of human hair on the floor. But for your cat’s cases, they’re not really on the floor, but they get stranded on your upholstery which can be very annoying and unhygienic. One way to remove cat hairs on your sofas or couches is by using a rubber gloved hand. The hairs would stick to the rubber glove and be gone in an instant.

16. Make a spatula out of cleaning solutions to clean up after your cat.

Nobody wants to touch a cat’s poop, even if it’s your own cat, in your own room. Well, with the spatula made from used cleaning solutions, you will never have to touch cat poop again. Just scoop and throw the waste to the garbage can. It’s a very easy and convenient hack.

Just follow a few of these cat hacks and you will surely enjoy life of being a cat parent. However, once in a while, it doesn’t hurt to give your cat the utmost caring that it needs most especially when he’s been behaving really well recently. There’s a really great cat hotel in Bay Area, San Francisco wherein they have the coolest and most comfortable facilities for your cats. They also have cat in-home care if your cat has trust issues going to another place. Whatever it is, your cat will surely have a great time. Book your reservations now!

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