Cat Breeds 101: Siamese Cat

Despite the bad light that Walt Disney’s animated film Lady and the Tramp has put Siamese cats on, the Asian-bred felines are actually extremely affectionate. The film depicts this type of cats as troublemakers and tricksters. But are they really? Siamese cat owners doubt it. Here are some Siamese cat facts that you definitely need to know.
Cat Breeds 101


The Siamese cat, whose name translates to Moon Diamond, hails from Thailand (then known as Siam). Their round eyes, lean figure, normal-sized ears, and unique vocalization are quite distinctive and unusual compared to the modern Siamese breed, which is commonly described as having almond-shaped eyes, a thin body, and face, and remarkably large ears.

These cats have clear blue eyes, cream to dirty white-colored coats, and particularly darker shades of colors on their nose, ears, paws, and tail. However, because of their ‘’unusual’’ coloring, during the 18th century in England, people dubbed Siamese cats as ‘an unnatural nightmare kind of cat.’ Fast forward to more than a hundred years later, these ‘unnatural nightmare’ cats have become one of the most popular and beloved cat breeds in the world.

Behavior and Personality:

Some Siamese cat behavior may be misinterpreted by non-enthusiasts as ‘mean’ and ‘annoying,’ but these cats, for lack of a better term, are really just assertive. It may not seem like it but these cats are smart; they are keen on reading body language and they seem to understand that humans communicate with noises, and so they do too!

These cats are very talkative, especially when they express what they want. It’s time for lunch? They’ll let you know. Time to get up? These cats won’t leave you alone till you get out of that bed. Time to play? They’ll bring you that chew toy you kept in the cupboard to play with you. These cats demand their humans’ attention and would certainly do different kinds of things if they think you’re ignoring them.

Despite a Siamese cat’s personality being described as assertive, they actually tend to bond greatly with their humans. Most commonly, a Siamese will bind itself to a particular person, like their own personal primate. Because of this, they need more interaction compared to most other cats. If they do get to be mean, it is most likely to be towards another cat of another breed, not a human. That is why Siamese cats prefer to be the only breed in the household. But these are the case-to-case basis.

Due to their intelligent nature, it is indeed possible to train a Siamese cat. Some owners even describe them as ‘dogs in a cat’s body because they are capable of fetching and retrieving things, walking on a harness, and even doing a bunch of tricks – if you are patient enough, that is.


A Siamese cat lifespan can stretch from 15 to 20 years if they are cared for properly in the household. However, some Siamese cats don’t make it to 15 years. This goes to show that not all Siamese cats are the same. Their life span depends on the basic overall health and life circumstances they are in, which would determine if they would live either very long or short lives.

Some health issues that could affect a Siamese breed’s lifespan are breathing difficulties, glaucoma, calcium oxalate bladder stones, chronic renal failure, and crossed eyes. Unfortunately, Siamese cats are susceptible to these health problems.

Siamese females are the loudest when they are in heat. Their piercing yelling voices have been compared to that of an opera singer. If you are a fan of the likes, then you’re definitely in for a treat!

Grooming / Maintenance:

Because of its susceptibility to some health problems, as a responsible owner, all you have to do is to ensure that your pet stays in good shape to sway them away from health risks. One of the best ways to do this is to have regular and routine veterinary checkups, a balanced and nutritious feline diet, physical fitness exercises, and most importantly, a daily dose of love and care.

As Siamese cats are hardly outdoor pets, they don’t get too dirty that often. But giving them a bath every once in a while surely won’t hurt a soul. Also, their litter box should be clean at all times. This is not just for the benefit of your cat, but yours and your visitors as well.


Siamese cats aren’t mean and villainy, contrary to the Siamese cats portrayed in Lady and the Tramp. They are actually very affectionate as they are attention-seeking pets. They might, however, get jealous if you own more than one breed of their kin, but they certainly won’t bug you with it. If you are to own a Siamese cat, you better not be a workaholic person who stays in his office till late evening lest you forget to feed your cat or, god forbid, forget you even own one.

Patience is the key as they are talkative and tend to be noisy. But you will definitely get used to their sound and would eventually sleep past their operatic voice. It’s undeniably impossible to anticipate their lifespan as they are susceptible to some health dangers, so the best thing for you to do is to be responsible for keeping them healthy as long as possible. And of course, above it all, show your cat some love every single day as their existence will never exceed yours.

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