Cat Breeds 101: Maine Coon

Here’s more to legends and myths, a Maine Coon cat is a sure living, beautiful fluff ball everyone is dying to have.

cat breeds 101: maine coon

maine-coon-cat 1Origin:

The existence of Maine Coons has somewhat defied legends for their angelic beauty – and incredible size for a cat. Maine Coon cats are noted to be one of the largest domestic cats in the world, which has contributed to their rising popularity in the US even up until now. They are native cats of Maine, and New England and have been involved in great stories of western history. They are referred to as seafaring cats according to folklores where they have been brought on the ships along with seafarers (where the breed may have started when long-haired cats mated with short-haired cats). It has also been said that the ship anchored in New England ports where they continued breeding and thus, giving birth to this beautiful cat breed.


Evolved to fit in a harsh winter season in the western countries, Maine Coon cats have rugged, shaggy, brown tabby coats along with furry ringed tails. These cats’ physical attributes have anything to say about the kind of environment they are in; their paws are stuffed with fur like winter boots that enable them to walk and run on the snowy ground. Their distinctive physical, fluff ball appearance makes them lovable and irresistible to anyone. But not all Maine Coons are brown, they can also rarely come in different shades.


Though Maine Coon cat breeders have successfully come up with a strong, highly-adaptable cat, Maine Coons can still be vulnerable to health problems that can also be genetic in nature. Some of the most common health problems Maine Coon cat owners faced with their pets are kidney and periodontal diseases. Proper health check-ups, proper feeding, bathing & dental hygiene, pet care to reliable pet in-home care, and grooming are always part of the list to mitigate all risks and boost a healthy, long life. Despite its outdoor nature, Maine Coon cats are still encouraged to be put indoors and supervised while outdoors to avoid unfortunate mishaps like being hit by a truck, attacked by other animals, or stolen without a price.

maine coon cat 2

Maine Coon Cat Characteristics:

With the massive size and its somewhat spry nature, Maine Coon cats are not typical lap cats. (But it cannot be happier to be somewhere else than being close to you on your side.) These are farm cats so you can see them active around the house like playing or running. They are best with kids and are well-natured that they can easily adapt to different lifestyles. They love their brains to be challenged so giving them playful tricks can make them even happier. They are not vocal cats, but they make requests and calls for attention with a soft chirp and trill – which is one amazing thing about this breed! A Maine Coon cat can also be friends with your dog, if you got a friendly one, too.

Interesting Facts:

Maine coons are no ordinary cats, they’ve got a well-built reputation that set them apart from others.

  • A two-time title-holder cat breed

Two Maine Coon cats have seized worldwide recognition that gave them such instant popularity. One is Stewie, noted to be the longest domestic cat in the world with its body measurement that ranges up to 48.5 inches, and Corduroy, the oldest cat in the world that is still alive up to the present. He is 26 yrs old.

Ashley Reed and her cat Corduroy
Ashley Reed and her cat Corduroy
  • The Winter Cats

Maine Coon cats are typically dressed in fluffy, thick fur by nature to adapt to the cold season of winter, so they are referred to as the “Winter Cats.”. Their distinctive, furry appearance has nothing to say about this statement.

  • Excellent Mouser

Maine Coon cats are excellent mouse hunters, you probably don’t have to worry about mice and rats when they are around. Though you may have to expect to see a few dead mice around the house more often, a proper way to discipline misbehaving cats is always advisable.

  • Dog of the Cat World

The leash is not just for dogs but for cats as well, especially Maine Coons. Now you can have all the triumphs as you walk with a beautiful cat on the streets without anyone else watching in awe.

  • Good Swimmer

Bathing may not be a huge problem for these cats for they love water – a lot.

  • They chirp and trill

Maine Coon cats are not vocal, but you can guess if they need something when they chirp and trill. This characteristic makes them even more lovable.

  • The Gentle Giant of cats

Maine Coons are good-natured cats and are highly sociable and friendly. They are referred to as the “Gentle Giants of the cat world” because in spite of the massive size of Maine Coons, they can be sweet and gentle even to kids and visitors.

maine coon cat 3

Maine Coon cats are priceless, fluff balls that also need constant care and affection which entails a huge responsibility that we should embrace – just like we do and have to do with our kitties. Cat parenting is even more rewarding when we do it with sincere love and compassion. And whenever you’re on a vacation, or a trip away, make sure you entrust your pet to a genuine cat boarding staff who can do the same love that you always give to them. Because whether a Maine Coon or not, a pet is always a treasure that should be well taken care of.

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