Beyond Nine Lives: Taking care of our pets so they live long and healthy

beyond nine lives
Cat owners, or any pet owner really, want to keep their beloved animals for as long as possible. Live with them for many years. Take care of them as much as they want. Love them forever, truly. But also, life is not endless. There are limits to everything, but that does not make our wishes stop anyway. We can give our pets as much care and love as we want so we can keep them as long as their nine lives could take them.

Cat care takes a lot of responsibility and effort, and cat sitting could also be fun as well. Mind that cats give the best cuddles and they are also undeniably cute. So with proper care and love, it would not be that hard. Keeping our cats healthy is one way of making them stay longer and have a fun and happy life. There are many things we can do to fulfill this like providing them with good food, enough water, a warm bed, and some fun activities. Of course, giving them our love is a surefire way.

beyond nine lives

Also, there are several breeds of cats that live long lives. Compared to some other kinds, these cats could live up to 25 years with proper care. Yes, proper care. That’s what’s important. Taking care of cats comes with knowledge and experience. We learn from books, the Internet, stories, and our own first-hand experiences with them. Look at the list below and add them to your learning. Be sure to also extend the knowledge to your cat sitter in case you engage your cat in pet sitting, or when you have your cat in a pet boarding facility.

Make sure to visit the vet
It is always best to schedule an annual visit to the veterinarian to know the condition of your cat thoroughly. Your doctor would give several tests to determine the state of health of your pet. They could also recommend the best and most appropriate food that your cat needs. It feels reassuring that you get professional advice from someone who really knows what they are doing.

Take the recommended tests of the doctor
To make sure your cats are not exposed to certain bacteria or viruses, we should at least once a year get the recommended tests that the veterinarian advises us. Also, immunization and shots for heartworm and ear mites are important to keep your cats healthy and safe.


Let your cats stay indoors
We probably already know that house cats usually live longer than those who spend their lives outside. The dangers of the outside world as cars, other cats and animals, some really mean people, or parasites and trash are life-threatening situations to our beloveds. If we can keep them indoors as much as possible, where they would be safe, well fed, and loved, then we should. Make them happy and fulfilled at home. Supervised outdoor activities are allowed. Make sure they don’t stray that far.

Watch their weight
It is important to keep watch of our kitty’s weight. Cats normally weigh around 10 to 15 pounds. There are other cats that could grow bigger and heavier, so it’s also good if you know what kind of cat you have. Our pet’s weight would usually tell us of health issues and it is best if we keep them in shape. Giving them the proper diet is one of the things that would maintain a healthy cat. Exercise should also be on the list. Spending playtime with the kitties every day is a good way to regulate their weight and keep them healthy and active.

We should be concerned about weight loss
When your cat is showing signs of some kind of eating disorder, like eating less, running away from their food, hiding during eating time, or just not eating as normally as before, then there’s something really wrong. These kinds of behavior would lead to weight loss, and you don’t want to wait before it becomes an issue. Check the food you are giving your cat, or better yet, check with your doctor.

Regular brushing would do some good
Dental problems could lead to more serious kidney problems and other illnesses. So, better start cleaning and brushing those teethes. It is good to start them young so the cats would be familiar with the toothpaste and the brush. In this way, you can say goodbye to plaque and tartar build-up, gum disease, and bad breath. Your cat could also enjoy eating their food, and have fun while playing because they don’t feel any kind of dental pain.

Playing is not only fun but also healthy
Our cats, no matter how cute and cuddly can be very vicious when it comes to playtime. They run around like riots and enjoy like there’s no tomorrow. It’s the predator in them. It’s a wild thing, and it is okay to indulge them. This is an enriching activity both for you and your kitty. Set a time to play with your cat every day. Whether it’s a game of catch, or let them be crazy with a ribbon or a string. Activities like these are good exercises.

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Observe your cat’s behavior
A daily assessment of your kitty’s behavior is one way of knowing that there is nothing wrong with them. What we really want to avoid are any signs of weakness and illnesses. Any changes in their daily actions or habits could be suspicious. So it’s okay to be curious and give attention to them. If you could identify the source of the problem right away, it is best that you do something about it. Better yet check with your local vet.

Make your home cat-friendly
Even before adopting a cat, or even if you are just fostering or cat sitting, keep in mind to make your space cat-friendly. Avoid furniture and structures that would injure them. Provide them with their own cat space complete with scratchers, toys, and warm places to sleep in. A comfortable cat means a healthy cat and this would promise a long fulfilled life.

beyond nine lives

Take notice of the food in your home
There is some human food that is toxic to cats. Learn and keep in mind the different foods and substances that are toxic and could cause danger to the life of your lovelies.

Your cat’s puke and poop can tell a story
Vomit sometimes welcomes us when we step into the living room in the morning. It’s normal, you can say. But also it can tell if there’s something wrong with your cat. Also, he may have swallowed something that would make him feel bad. Make sure to examine your cat’s stomach trash so you can be sure he is doing just well. The litter box can also tell a story. Excrement could tell the health situation of your cats, so be mindful.

Remember these things, and shower your pets with love and warm tender kisses and cuddles, and surely they would stay with you throughout their nine lives, which would feel like forever.

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