30 Purrfectly Timed Cat Photos

With the right camera, the right timing, and a bit of luck, anybody can pull this trick. So we decided to compile photos of our feline friends in their unique and “never repeated scene”. Here is the list of 30 perfectly timed photos of your favorite cat.

1. Perfect heart!
I don’t know cats can be romantic without creating some noise.

lover cats

2. Copy Cat
When I try to mimic and it was hilarious.

copy enhancer

3. Take my one-two punch.
I learn my basics by watching fight night

cat one-two combo punch

4. Victory Dance
“Hey Garfield, I can do your dance too”

Vidtory Dance

5. What?
When stealing a sip and somebody else is watching!

cat try sipping on my drink

6. Oops!
A cat always does what a cat does.


7. Abrakadabra.
When the magician runs out of rabbits.


8. High-Flying Kick.
Please don’t let your cat watch too much kung fu.

high kick

9. Goal.
Practicing goalie jump!


10. Puss in boots.
He forgot his boots, his hat, and his sword!

Puss in a boots

11. Cat-like.
Cat-like being lady-like.

lady like cat like

12. Superman.
Let’s fly together.


13. Mach 2
When a cat travels faster than sound.

travel faster than sound

14. Cat Model
A new kind of modeling.

cat model

15. Stretchable #1.
Cat’s body is elastic.


cats have night vision

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