20 Of the Most Expensive Cats In The World

It may be easy to find or adopt a cat. But little did we know that there are actually a large number of different cat breeds that can drive you crazy in size and in price. With the astounding hundred and thousand dollars they cost, don’t be surprised if they can be more expensive than your car or jewelry. But who can’t help but have these su-purr cute felines, they’re simply the sweetest.

20. Siamese $200 – $800

Remember Si and Am in the famous Disney movie, “Lady and the Tramp”? Those sneaky, seal-point, cream-colored felines that showed up in the movie are Siamese – better known for their elegance and wit that hovered around their slim bodies.

Siamese is an Asian cat, particularly native to Thailand where it is referred to as “Wichianmant”. This cat is characterized by its almond-shaped blue eyes and its coat that resembled that of a masquerade attire that has the perfect combination of block stocking on its feet and a cream wrap around its body. They are fond, haughty, and talkative cats. Better pay attention to their playful, sociable attitudes – they simply demand it from you.

Siamese - 16 to 20 years
I/S: www.catfactsforkids.com

19. Norwegian Forest Cat $500 – $800

This cat is popularized for its long, glossy coat. It somewhat portrayed some fairytale and legend figures like the Norse Goddess, Freya, whose chariot is pulled by six hairy giant cats.

It was introduced by Vikings to Norway around 1, 000 AD. They almost went extinct in World War II but due to the efforts of the Norwegian Forest Cat Club, the breed was kept alive until now. Since they are cats of the farm and wilderness, they are actually waterproof cats. They need constant attention and love to be outdoors. Take time to take them for a walk outside.

norwegian forest cat

18. Egyptian Mau $500 – $800

These cats are known for the striking characteristics of their spotted coat. They are also known for their sweet “sing-song” voices with their chortling sound.

Egyptian Mau breed originated from Italy, that’s why they are dominant in the western part. What’s good about these cats is that you would know if they’re happy and they are fiercely devoted to their human family. Love them as much they love you.

Silver Egyptian Mau
I/S: Wiki image

17. Selkirk Rex $500 – $800

This cat is wild, woolly curls is characterized by their sheep-like figure. This little furry ball cat breed had even made an appearance in the TV show “Moonlighting.”

This breed originated from a house cat named Miss Depesto of Noface from the shelter of Montana in the 1980s. This cat has cuddly, sociable nature, so don’t leave it alone for long periods.

I/S: Wiki image

16. American Shorthair $500 – $900

The American shorthair is considered to be the seventh most popular in America. They were first introduced to the US to protect cargo from mice and other pests.

It may have been named after America but it actually originated from Europe. This cat loves puzzles and toys and doesn’t want to be carried out – let it be on its own. Just give it a spot next to you on the sofa and it will be happy.

American shorthair - 16 years
I/S: vetstreet.com

15. Korat $600 – $800

This relatively small cat serves as a good-luck charm in Thailand. These cats are popular gifts and are marked by their heart-shaped green eyes and dark gray hair.

They were first shown in Britain in 1800s and are called Blue Siamese in the western world. These cats have a big heart for humans who are close to them. A Korat cat can be spoiled and stubborn with its own toys. If it messed up a little in the house, just correct it with a simple “No!”.

Korat male feline
I/S: pixabay.com

14. Siberian $700 – $900

Siberian forest cats are popularized by their large figure filled with glamour. Yes, they have this powerful stance that can make your neighbor go envious.

They hailed from Russia and it is believed that this breed is the origin of all haired cat breeds in the world. The Siberian cat is an affectionate host and good for allergy sufferers. With their long fur, they must be groomed constantly. It loves water due to its forest nature, so it’s better to take it to the shower with you.

Siberian Forest Cat
I/S: pixabay.com

13. Ocicat $800

This domesticated cat is marked by its sweet dog-like personality. These cats come in twelve colors and have large ears and wedge-like heads.

Ocicat was first bred in Berkeley, Michigan by Virginia Daly. These cats can do tricks somewhat similar to dogs. And they’re good with fetching and walking on a leash. They also love water, so you can take your Ocicat anywhere you like, it’s always ready to please you.

Ocicat Breed
I/S: wiki image

12. British Shorthair $800 – $1000

If you see a British shorthair cat, you’ll probably remember the Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland and Puss in Boots! They are marked by their chunky bodies and dark coats.

From the name itself, this ancient cat breed originated in European countries. British shorthairs are mellow and welcome guests confidently. And they are usually kept indoors, so give your British shorthair a little spot next to you while you’re lying on your couch.

British Shorthair Cat Breed
I/S: wiki image

11. Ragdoll $800 – $1,100

This fluffy cat is known for its piercing blue eyes. They are large cats that can also show doglike personalities.

They are the descendants of the Persian and Angora Cats that were bred in the 1960s. Ragdolls are notable for collapsing on the shoulders of who’s carrying them. They love attention and always follow you around, so always keep your arms ready for that big hug.

Ragdoll - 19 years
I/S: ragdollkittens.com

10. American Curl $800 – $1,200

This cat is termed “Peter Pan” in the cat world since it’s seen to be jumping and flying around the house. These highly active cats have these short ears and super curly hair.

American Curls made their first appearance in the 1980s, particularly on the doorsteps of California. These cats are hyperactive and often live long lives. They are actually one of those cats with an ideal life span. American curls are also tricky and can open doorknobs, don’t be surprised if you see them curling inside your cabinet.

American Curl Cat Breed
I/S: wiki image

9. Scottish Fold $800 – $1,500

If you’re a fan of Taylor Swift, you’ve probably seen the cat that appeared in her music videos. That is Olivia Benson, a Scottish fold cat.

This breed originated in Scotland in 1961. They are known for their folded ears and their way of posing in odd positions. They are affectionate, clever cats and are fond of knocking over items. Be sure to take that fragile cup above your table or else, you might just hear it crumble on the floor.

Adult Scottish Fold Cat Breed
I/S: wiki image

8. Sphynx $900 – $1,200

This cat is widely known for its quite creepy, hairless figure but they are actually very affectionate cats. Sphynx cats come in different colors and have pointy ears.

This breed originated in Europe in the 1960s and was later found in America in the 1970s. These bald cats are extremely friendly and need proper care since they are prone to certain health problems. They have the “me, me, me!” personality and always demand human attention. So never miss a day of showering your love on this one adorable cat.

Sphyx - 14 years
I/S: vetstreet.com

7. American Wirehair $1,000 – $1,200

American wirehairs are clownish cats with almond-shaped eyes. And they are one of the rarest cats with only 22 of them known in the world!

These cats are mutated originally from American Shorthairs. They are affectionate and love to be petted. You can take this cat on your lap and spend time brushing its soft furs.

American Wirehair Cat Breed
I/S: catbreedselector.com

6. Russian Blue $1,000 – $1,700

These felines are notable for their sense of humor. Though named as Russian Blue Cat, they don’t actually have a blue color but dark gray fur matched with green eyes.

They originally came from Russia and they were brought to the British Isles in the 1800s. Russian blues are cuddly but quite shy cats – and they jump when startled! So don’t surprise them that much or they might just jump at you.

Russian Blue Cat Breed
I/S: pixabay.com

5. Peterbald $1,700 – $3,000

This extremely bald feline looks like the Sphynx. But just don’t get wrong about their appearance, they are also sweet, affectionate cats.

Peterbalds originally hailed from Russia and they were introduced in the early 1990s. They have these almond-shaped eyes and mostly come in pink and gray colors. These cats love to please their human, so if you have one, please always pay your sincerest attention to it.

I/S: purrfectcatbreeds.com

4. Persian $3,000

Persian cats are fluffy balls of beauty. Their long, glossy hair and expressive eyes are enough to take your breath away.

This breed has its origins in Persia in the 1600s. Ever since it appeared in a cat show in the 1800s, this cat had become so popular. Persians are sweet but quiet cats. And if you prefer quiet nights in your house, it’s the best companion you must have.

Persian - 15 to 20 years
I/S: nextranks.com

3. Bengal $3,000 – $5,000

These are reputed for their overwhelming confidence and intelligence and also for their strange spotted markings.

Created by Dr. William Centerwall in the 1970s, Bengal cats are being crossbred between feral jungle cats and domesticated cats. These cats can grow like medium-sized dogs. They love climbing and swimming, so they prefer the outdoors to play with others so give them tons of attention.

Bengal Cat
I/S: wiki image

2. Savannah $25,000

These costly, exotic cats are known for their canine-like personalities and also for their distinct spots similar to that of a leopard skin.

They first appeared in the 1800s as crossbreeds of feral and domesticated cats. With their wild nature, Savanah cats love to play outdoors so taking the time of bringing them outside is really rewarding for these cats.

Savannah Cat Breed
I/S: pixabay.com

1. Ashera $75,000 – $125,000

The priciest and rarest of them all – the Ashera cat. As the most exotic and newest breed at this present time, it probably can do great damage to your bank money if you planned to have one.

Ashera cats are actually bred from Savannah cats but they are bigger and weigh more than 20 lbs. Since they are large cats, they need a bigger space in your home and of course, a pretty huge penny for their maintenance. These cats are amicable and can be walked outside on a leash. Having this cat walking with you on the streets is enough to make your neighbors pretty envious.

Ashera Cat
I/S: petsworld.in

But beyond this list, nothing can beat the one precious cat that has been with you through ups and downs, ready to bestow its “purr” love and attention. So give it a little reward for that.

There come to a lot of things to reward your precious feline like taking it out for a walk, feeding and taking it regularly to the vet, or just a quiet night with a book and giving it a spot next to you on the sofa. And if you have your busy days but still want to give it proper attention, you can have your cat to cat care in the Bay Area where it can be taken care of by loving cat sitters. Love your cat as much as you can, no matter what the odds are, ‘coz it will always love you without measure.

Disclaimer: There had been controversy regarding the existence of the Ashera breed, but it cannot be denied of the whopping price tag.

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