The 15 Most Loving & Affectionate Cat Breeds in the World

Contrary to the belief that cats are not really fond of cuddles and snuggles, there are actually those that own the most loving and affectionate cat breeds in the world.

If you think your cat is not showy enough, chances are, it’s just not in their breed. But that doesn’t mean that you’re going to love them any less.

Real cat owners would love their cat no matter what breed. Perhaps yours just show their love in their own unique ways.

However, if you are someone looking for a sweet ball of fur to bring home, why not go for those that are open in showing their reverence for you?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. In the following paragraphs, you are about to discover which types of cat can snuggle with you on those long rainy days.

Read on, fellow cat lover…

1. Scottish Fold Cat Breeds

On a scale of one to ten, the Scottish fold cat breed goes way beyond when it comes to showing affection to their human. There’s no need for you to decipher what they mean with their antics because every bit of those only reflect how much they love you. Don’t you just love to cuddle with these cuties on your lap or even under the covers! Because they would definitely enjoy it as much as you do.

Scottish Fold Cat Breeds

2. Ragdoll Cat Breeds

This ragdoll cat breed just can’t simply get enough of you. They will tend to follow you around the house or just wherever you go. These fur babies also wants to sleep beside you and have you pet them as they purr with gladness. And just to be fair, they also get along with other pets but being around you all the time makes them the happiest.

ragdoll cat breeds

3. Tonkinese Cat Breeds

The love you give will definitely be equal to the love you receive with these balls of sunshine. For example, if you bring them to a cat sitting in the East Bay in CA, and pamper them with everything they need for a cat’s day out, they would most likely smother you with love and affection all day long.

Tonkinese cat breeds

4. Birman Cat Breeds

The Birman cat breeds are quite the most understanding among the breed. Sure, they would love to cuddle and snuggle with you whenever they have the chance, however, if you’re working at something or sleeping or just unable to pet them, they would totally get it. What they’d do instead is just to be around you, lie next to you or near you, just to be within your presence. What could be more adorable than that?

Birman cat breeds

5. Sphynx Cat Breeds

They may not look like the friendliest cat due to their lack of fur coat, however they certainly are one of the most affectionate bunch of felines you’ll ever know. And because they lack the coat to keep them from being cold, they would stick to you all day for warmth. Now, that definitely counts as them needing you as much as you need their affection.

Sphynx cat breeds

6. Siamese Cat Breeds

If there’s one breed of cats that share, if not the same then quite close, to that of a dog’s trait to wait for their masters at the door to come home, that breed would be the Siamese cats. Aside from being affectionate, these cats are also really easy to care for and they love children the most! They have their own way of communicating to their humans as well.

siamese cat breeds

7. Kurilian Bobtail Cat Breeds

If you are all for petting cats, the Kurilian Bobtail cat should be number one in your list. They may look fierce and intimidating, but their personality says the complete opposite. These cats are very gentle in interacting with people making you want to just pet them whenever they’re around.

kurilian bobtail cat breeds

8. Burmese Cat Breeds

The Burmese cats are social creatures. You can have them at home or elsewhere and you bet they’d be making themselves at home in people’s laps as if they’ve known that person for a long time. These breeds are perfect for when you want to let them have the time of their lives at a cat care service in San Francisco California or wherever you maybe. It wouldn’t take them too long to adjust to the place and get comfy with whoever’s there to cuddle with.

Burmese cat breeds

9. Bombay Cat Breeds

Bombay cats are just a shade different from Burmese cats but both are sweet-natured creatures who just love to interact with people. They are considered as social cats as they constantly long for the attention and care of their family members.

bombay cat breed

10. Persian Cat Breeds

This beauty is the exact representation of its looks: sweet and glamorous. Their beautiful, flowing coat, cute face and laidback personality makes them not only one of the most popular breeds but also one of the most affectionate. They would just love you to pet them and caress their fancy hair as much as you want.

Persian cat breed

11. Exotic Shorthair Cat Breeds

These cats are also referred to as “lazy Persians” as they just love to sit on your lap all day long. They have quite similar features especially in the facial areas but they differ mostly in the length of their coat. However, both share the same affectionate and sweet loving nature.

exotic shorthair cat breed

12. Abyssinian Cat Breeds

Abyssinians are the athletic bunch of the group. They are rather in constant motion – always running and jumping and off to somewhere. They might be no lap cats but they definitely show their affection in a different way. They will get too playful with you to get your attention.

Abyssinian Cat Breeds

13. Maine Coon Cat Breeds

This literal ball of fur is a plus-size cat you can never ever get enough of. They have big bushy tail that they can wrap around your feet whenever they’re showing their affection towards you. They love to nap somewhere near you so whenever they’re sleepy, make sure you are there.

Maine Coon Cat Breed

14. Moggy Cat Breeds

These breeds can be described as one whose parentage are unknown however, this breed is absolutely charming and loving towards their humans. They show their affections through constantly rubbing their body against your feet or just bug you whenever you are around.

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15. Himalayan

The Himalayan is a little bit similar with the Persian cat’s colour however they have longer coat. They look extra cuddly with their cute little features that makes you want to hug them all day. These babies were a product of crossing Siamese and Persian together. Now that’s a combination of the most affectionate cats in the world!

Himalayan cat breed

Whatever breed you may have, love them and cherish them as you will only get the love that you poured out into them. However, if you want to add one member of your feline family and you want one that’s so extra when it comes to showing its affection, close your eyes, point your finger right at these numbers and say stop.

Wherever your finger may end up, know that it will be with a really loving and cuddly breed. How about you? What kind of cat do you own and is it affectionate enough towards you? Share your cat stories down below.

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