15 Little Known Facts About Black Cats

Black cats are universally known as witch pets that bring bad luck. True enough, during the medieval period, black cats were considered witch allies due to their dark color, and also in some cultures, crossing paths with a black cat sure does bring an awful luck. However, don’t let these ancient, falsely-circulated and overrated news fool you because black cats’ bad luck isn’t all that there is about them. Here are some interesting facts about black cats that might shock you.

15 Little Known Facts About Black Cats

#1. There is more to a black cat than its coloring.

Although the person who started rumors about black cats being associated with witchcraft probably didn’t mean to sound racist, there really is more to a black cat’s personality than its pitch-black coat. Despite having a unified color and stereotypes, black cats actually come with distinct personality traits as well as physical characteristics albeit not that noticeable.

#2. Black cats are revered as good luck in certain cultures.

The people from Egypt, England (except Yorkshire), English Midlands, Ireland, and Scotland revered black cats as good luck. From black cats crossing your path to black cats given to brides as a gift, there are many cultures worldwide that look upon black cats with delight.

#3. Some black cats aren’t actually ‘pure black.’

Here’s the ultimate truth about black cats: they aren’t really that black. The difference is all but a matter of genetics. Some of these cats’ color patterns are actually a combination of three basic colors such as black, white, and red.

#4. The only recognized black cat breed is the Bombay Cat.

This is a type of short-haired cats made through breeding sable Burmese and black American shorthair cats. They have distinctively panther-like black coats, mostly resembling the Burmese type. Are black cats more affectionate? Well, we can’t really say more but this type of black cat can easily become a pet who will play games, guard houses, and even take a walk with you on a leash.

#5. Black cats have more than one breed.

Despite the fact that only one breed of a black cat is being recognized, there are actually as many as 21 different breeds of little felines with ‘black’ as a color alternative. These are all allowed by the directory of the Cat Fanciers Association.

#6. Black Cat Appreciation Day is celebrated on August 17th.

That’s right! Better mark your calendars, you black cat lovers. This is a day of putting aside any negative stereotypes that people put about black cats. They are celebrated and appreciated by cat people who love felines no matter what their skin color is, and no matter what crazy black cat facts and myths people write on the internet.

#7. Black is the most Popular Cat color.

Not only is the color black associated with class and elegance, but it is also the most popular cat color based on a survey conducted by a cat enthusiast on her website. Certainly, no amount of bad luck can stop a cat person from owning a black cat because of its sophisticated color.

#8. A Tuxedo cat isn’t a Black cat.

Aside from the difference between a tuxedo cat’s personality traits from a black cat, the feline resembling a man’s tux isn’t a black cat as it is considered a bicolor cat. They are not also a breed but merely a color pattern that may occur in almost any type of domestic cat. If they want to be a part of the black cats club, then they should get rid of their white markings.

#9. Owning a black cat in Japan is a symbol of good luck for single women.

If you have a Japanese friend who’s having trouble finding love, you know exactly what to give them as a gift. It is said that owning one attracts prospective suitors, making it easier for romance to bloom.

#10. The Egyptian goddess of protection has a head of a cat.

From their writings on the wall to their architectural designs, it is no doubt that Egyptians are not only crazy cat lovers but more so as cat worshippers. They worshipped a half feline, half woman, whom they called Bastet. No wonder black cats are to be feared and revered; they were gods and goddesses in their previous life.

#11. Elderly women taking care of black cats were mistaken for witches.

Not only were these women burnt at the stake, but they were also publicly executed through hanging. Certainly, people during the Middle Ages were racist towards black cats. Imagine if these women took care of stray little white felines instead; they might have even been crowned heroes, one might dare say.

#12. Black cat’s fur blends with the furniture.

Black cat owners don’t need to worry about dirtying their furniture as black cats’ fur goes well with any décor and leaves off unnoticeable. Although they may look pitch-black collectively in the cat’s body, their fur, once particles are left on the furniture, may as well be invisible.

#13. Black cats are a sailor’s best friend.

It is rather unfortunate that when elderly women have black cats as pets, they’re burned to the stakes, but when sailors have black cats as pets, they’re ensured of returning home safe. Indeed black cats are more than welcome aboard as shipmates whose primary responsibility is to hunt mice on British vessels.

#14. Black cats’ coats can ‘rust.’

No, their coats are not made of metal. This all comes down to a genetic peculiarity. Sometimes, due to a cat’s solid black hue, heavy and long exposure to the sun can make the black pigments on its fur break down to reveal hidden stripes. A black cat, for example, left in the dessert will come home a rusty brown cat.

#15. It’s difficult to take a picture with black cats.

It’s as if these cats are living paparazzi-free life. Often when people take photos of their black cats, they appear to be haunted. But this is not because black cats are bad luck – it’s really just bad angle and lighting. There are certain ways to capture your cat; you just have to have the right natural light sources, the perfect angle, and voila – you have Instagram-ready photos of your beloved black cat.

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