15 Best Cat Breeds with Ideal Lifespan

Are you thinking of taking care of a pet kitty? Sure, you probably have many things in your mind that would constitute the best kind of cat in your household – cute, cuddly, trained, clean, playful. And most definitely, a cat that would be with you and your family for a long time. Given proper care, attention and love, your pet would most definitely live a long and good life, though, of course, we already know they have nine lives to live.

An average cat lives for as long as 15 years. There are those that live longer than that, and most of them are indoor pets. The oldest cat lived a fruitful 38 years. That’s like 168 cat years. How wonderful to have our cats live that long! Taking care of them well is one of the things that we can do to make them live longer and happily. We should always live up to our responsibilities as cat owners or cat sitters. Cat care may take a lot of effort, but it is definitely worthwhile what with all the cuddles, warmth, and love we receive from our feline family.

Fortunately, there are breeds of cats that have a long lifespan. Some of them live up to 20 years. You might want to pick them up as a permanent family member. Here are some of them:

1. Chartreux – 20 years

Known for its blue grayish hue and smiling face, the French Chartreux is a beauty that could live up to 20 years. I would mind having this copper-eyed cuddler in my home.

Chartreux - 20 years
I/S: Pinterest.com

2. Bombay – 18 to 20 years

Always up for playtime and cuddles, the beautiful black beauty could live up to a happy 20 years. They are also known to be highly sociable and always crave affection and constant petting. Not so shy with children, Bombay could be a happy addition to your family.

Bombay - 18 to 20 years
I/S: purrfectcatbreeds.com

3. Burmese – 18 to 20 years

Emotional felines are what Burmese cats are mostly known for. They could also live up to 20 years, and that’s a plus. The oldest Burmese cat ever known has lived 35 good years. Burmese cats are affectionate and definitely one of the best family cats.

Burmese - 18 to 20 years
I/S: barbizonburmese.co.uk

4. Egyptian Mau – 19 years

Short-haired and spotted, this beautiful, sultry-looking cat is known as the fastest domestic cat because of its long hind legs. You would want to keep this kitty for as long as possible. Good thing Maus live up to 19 years. With proper care, I am sure to stay longer in your family.

Egyptian Mau - 19 years
I/S: vetstreet.com

5. Ragdoll – 19 years

Fluffy ragdolls are what we all need. With a lifespan of 19 years or more, these rather large cuties could give you cuddles and fun for a long time.

Ragdoll - 19 years
I/S: ragdollkittens.com

6. Nebelung – 17 years

These rare breeds of cats could live for up to 17 years. Nebel means mist or fog and was taken from a German poem Nibelungenlied. This is due to the kitties’ greyish ash color. These graceful cats prove to be lively and playful, and always ask for affection.

Nebelung - 17 years
I/S: thecutest.org

7. Turkish Angora – 17 years

The Turkish Angora breed is one of the oldest recorded breeds. Long and elegant looking, these cats could live for up to 17 years or older. They love adventure and always seek companionship, so they could really be good family cats.

Turkish Angora - 17 years
I/S: cat-breeds-encyclopedia.com

8. American shorthair – 16 years

Affectionate American shorthair cats could live for up to 16 years or older. They are like balls of sunshine on your doorstep, or literally anywhere around the house. They tend to be calm, but are also entertained easily by all things moving.

American shorthair - 16 years
I/S: vetstreet.com

9. Siamese – 16 to 20 years

Vocal and active Siamese cats would get your attention easily. They could be a bit of a menacing love to play nonstop. Their lifespan could reach 20 years. That’s a whole of cuddling and fun.

Siamese - 16 to 20 years
I/S: www.catfactsforkids.com

10. Turkish Van – 16 years

The rare color pattern on their coat gives the Turkish Van a bit of personality. While the body is white, the head and the tail receive a splash of color. They also sport really fluffy tails. They could live for up to 16 years or more.

Turkish Van - 16 years
I/S: vetstreet.com

11. Japanese Bobtail – 16 years

Despite the shortness of its tail, this Japanese kitty could live for as long as 16 years or more. Their cutie of a tail actually looks more like a rabbit’s tail. They are an intelligent breed and are friendly in nature.

Japanese Bobtail - 16 years
I/S: vetstreet.com

12. Persian – 15 to 20 years

Persian cats are most loved because of their calm personality, and of course, long, fluffy hair. And who could resist that flat and annoyingly adorable face? This breed of cats could live up to 15 years and more.

Persian - 15 to 20 years
I/S: nextranks.com

13. Burmilla – 15 to 20 years

Cute-faced Burmilla cats are cuddly little furries. They sort of like remain as little kitties with their adorable and cutesy personality. They are known to live for up to 15 or more years.

Burmilla - 15 to 20 years
I/S: catswallpapers.net

14. Ragamuffin – 15 years

Muscular, heavy, and thick-haired Ragamuffins are as cute as their name. They can be bigger than normal cats and could live up to 15 years. They are so fluffy you wanna die.

Ragamuffin - 15 years
I/S: iheartcats.com

15. Sphynx – 14 years

The Sphynx is the most recognizable among breeds of cats. Most definitely because of their almost hairless body. This is the best family cat for people with allergies. Most other breeds are not just ideal for people suffering from this. Sphynx are very affectionate cats and always crave their owner’s attention. You’re lucky to have them crave some petting for up to 14 years and more. The oldest Sphynx ever known lived for 34 years.

Sphynx - 14 years
I/S: vetstreet.com


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