Why Cats Stay Up At Night And How To Stop Them From Waking You Up

Sometimes it really gets on our nerves when our cat suddenly wakes us up in bed at 3:00 a.m., or just as we are about to get cozy in bed, they suddenly take a huge leap in the air out of nowhere, and land right on our chest – which is totally crazy. Cats are fond of playful schemes, and we are just a perfect target, knowing how they can easily win over us with their powerful charm and just a little flash of those candies, and dilated eyes.

Yes, as much as we love our cats dearly, we must also see to it that unpleasant behavior won’t be tolerated. It will not just save us from a night’s trouble, but also your cat from unfortunate mishaps.

Why Cats Meow And Become Active At Night

  • Nocturnal Nature
    Cats are natural creatures of the night. Though they have been domesticated and raised to human ideals, their primitive nature still prevails. Cats mostly do their kills and hunt prey at night. Most likely, your cat may be bringing you her fresh kills right at your room’s doorstep as if to surprise you with a hard-earned “treat” when you wake up.
  • Body or Health Problem
    Some possible reason why cats stay up or become restless at night might be a health problem. Before jumping into imposing proper discipline on your cat, check her first if she’s hurt or has an illness. Sometimes we overlooked things about our cats and we fail to figure out what they are actually feeling.
  • In Heat
    If your cat wasn’t spayed, then this may be one of the possible causes of why she keeps waking you up by her seemingly endless meows at night. Your cat may be in heat and becomes more restless as long as she can’t find a mate. To prevent this, you must have your cat spayed or neutered at the right age or before they reach maturity. (But the decision still depends on you if you must spay or neuter your cat or not.)
  • Hungry or Thirsty
    You may have fed your cat too early, or too little. Cats become uneasy when they’re hungry or thirsty and often ask help from you to fill up that bowl again.
  • Dirty Liter Box
    Cats are meticulous when it comes to hygiene. When they see dirty litter boxes, they will literally call for you endlessly until you clean and replace them.
  • Bored
    Your cat may seem not to have spent enough time with you and want to do some little catching up after you busied yourself the whole day at work and left her alone in the house.

It may be a little sweet for our cats to do such odd, peculiar ways to get our attention, but it can’t be helped to be sickening sometimes when we get distracted from a good night’s sleep. And bad behavior must not be rewarded. Here are ways how to stop your cat from waking you up at night.

13 Ways To Stop Your Cat from Waking You Up

13 Ways on How to Stop Your Cat From Waking You Up At Night

  1. Calculate Appropriate Feeding Times
    Practice proper feeding time on your cat. This helped trains her to ask for food at the right time and in the right place. Impose proper feeding intervals and your cat will go on with the arrangement.
  2. Spray Your Cat With Water Bottle
    Deter your cat from waking you up at night by spraying her with a water bottle. But be careful not to spray her directly on the face or nose.
  3. Check For Unusual Symptoms
    Observe your cat for odd behaviors. If she wakes you up randomly, she may be in heat or may have something wrong with her body. Better have her checked as soon as possible.
  4. Always Clean The Liter Box
    Clean your cat’s litter box on a regular basis to prevent her from going off somewhere or messing around the house when nature calls.
  5. Do Not Feed Your Cat
    Don’t spoil your cat by feeding her at every call. When you know she’s full and she still keeps on waking you up, you better not give in at all.
  6. Keep Your Cat Indoors
    Stop your cat from bringing you dead mice and birds at night by keeping her intact and secure inside the comforts of your house.
  7. Secure Her In One Room
    Put your cat in a clean, warm room with access to water, food, and a clean litter box to give her a comfortable place for a good night’s sleep.
  8. Give Her Toys
    Keep your cat from disturbing your sleep at night by amusing her with her favorite toys. You can hang a mouse toy on your door to divert her attention.
  9. Use Entry Calming Cat Collar
    Put an entry calming cat rubber collar on your cat to keep her relaxed all night. It has special pheromones that will help your cat stay calm and will not bother you in bed.
  10. Give Her Some Catnip
    Draw your cat from waking you up by giving her some sort of relaxation: a proper dose of her favorite catnip.
  11. Ignore The Behavior
    Do not give in to your cat’s playful schemes because it will spoil her, and will keep her doing mischief at night. Holding back will then let your cat realize to stop what she’s doing.
  12. Stick To The Plan
    Be firm in teaching your cat proper behavior around the house, especially at night. And don’t tolerate any of her mischiefs.
  13. Spend Time With Her
    Give yourself enough time to spend with your cat. Being left alone in the house is never easy for her, so always spare time to play with her after your work.

No matter how spoiled our cats can be sometimes, they’re still adorable fluff balls that make each day brighter for us. We may often misinterpret their strange actions, but one thing is for sure: cats do them as ways of showing affection. Of course, they do deserve a reward for such sweet behavior in the house, and sometimes, it’s never wrong to set limits especially when the kitty seems to break some rules.

If your cat has been making a fuss at night, perhaps she’s just bored. What about giving her some sort of amusement, eh? Here’s a cat in-home care in San Francisco run by compassionate staff who offer cat boarding service for you and your cat. Rest assured that she is in good hands when you’re at work for they will take care of your cat as much as how you take care of her. There are available relaxed playrooms for cats to stimulate fun and adventure your kitty will surely love. As cat parents, everything is just worth all the price and effort in the name of our feline confidants.

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