Polydactyl Cats: Felines With Extra Toes

It may be new to see cats with unbelievably enormous feet or extra toes. Quite strange, but you have to believe it. There are hundreds and thousands of them in the world. A cat blocks away from your house can be one of them, too. Those felines with extra toes are called polydactyl cats, born […]

Why Cats Eat Grass?

You may be feeling quite strange as you spotted your cat trailing down the line of greens outside your house and then start plucking and chewing some blades of grass into her mouth. Enjoying more than the cat food she had earlier, she’d probably done this on more than just one occasion. So why do you […]

30 Signs Your Cat Loves You


Cats may have these odd behaviors that we can’t read sometimes, but that doesn’t mean your cat doesn’t love you. In fact, cats show affection the other way around – in the most mysterious ways but the best! Check these out and if you experienced one of these with your cat, then you’re lucky. StaringYour […]

Former Stray Cat Appointed as Chief Mouser

Cat as part of a diplomatic corps? One particular feline in the UK was appointed as part of their Foreign Officer roster. The newest addition to the British diplomatic corps, a former stray cat takes the job as the new Chief Mouser. Palmerston, named after the former foreign secretary and Prime Minister Viscount Palmerston, began […]

30 Purrfectly Timed Cat Photos

With the right camera, the right timing, and a bit of luck, anybody can pull this trick. So we decided to compile photos of our feline friends in their unique and “never repeated scene”. Here is the list of 30 perfectly timed photos of your favorite cat. 1. Perfect heart! I don’t know cats can be […]

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